Cash Flow Is King | Magnet

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Are you someone who believes that cash flow can amass wealth and financial freedom? If so, then our unique magnets are the perfect gift for you! Stay true to your goals and decorate your environment to help shift your mindset in the right direction. With a flexible and durable surface, you can stick these onto any magnetic surface. The right fit for players who are looking to take massive action in their field.

  • Motivational: You can count on us to inspire and add purpose into your home or office space. A perfect reminder of why you crush it every day. 
  • Appearance: Want your office to pop in a vibrant way. That’s perfect! Because our magnets contain full-color decoration on one side with a matte finish surface.
  • Stability: No one likes a magnet with poor magnetism. That’s why we provide a flexible and durable product that is designed to last long.
  • Cut Lines: Decorate your space with ease - our detailed cut lines make it easy for you to cut them into the right shape for perfect use. 

Dimensions (vary by size)

Length x Width x Depth:

  • 3.00 inches x 3.00 inches x 0.03 inches
  • 4.00 inches x 4.00 inches x 0.03 inches
  • 5.00 inches x 5.00 inches x 0.03 inches

The Perfect Gift for Every Entrepreneur!

Do you – or someone you know – enjoy the idea of financial freedom? If so, then our “Cash Flow Is King” unique magnets are the perfect gift for them – and for you! You can treat your co-worker, client, or fellow entrepreneur with the same vision that you have for your future. Plus it’s small in package, allowing you to easily mail out to someone as a gift. A great present to hand to them during a promotion, after a success story, or simply for contributing to your business in a massive way. 

Use Them On Any Magnetic Surface

Sure, this is a cool looking magnet – but where would you use it? They are designed to stick to any whiteboard in your space – whether you are training your team or in an office meeting. You can stick them near your desk, allowing you to stay motivated while sending that email or making that phone call. No matter where you decide to put them, they will instantly boost your game up.

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